About policy about personal information protection

Fukuya uses personal information of customer to offer good service by customer.
Because customer uses in peace, we observe the Personal Information Protection Law and industry guidelines and we pay scrupulous attention about protection of personal information and, based on the following policies, will wrestle.

  1. We identify the use purpose as much as possible beforehand on dealing with personal information of customer.
  2. We do not collect personal information of customer more than use purpose only for thing necessary for offer of service to customer.
  3. When I take personal information from customer, we identify use purpose as follows, and with consent of customer.
    "Product information, living information, after-sale service uses personal information of customer for information for various special treatments, hold, back order, sales activities such as repair, processing, delivery and marketing campaign, product development."
  4. When we use personal information of customer, we perform in the range of use purpose that customer gave agreement to.
  5. Personal information that I took than customer takes appropriate safety management measures for unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, manipulation of personal information to secure accuracy and safety.
  6. For personal information protection of customer, we establish chief privacy officer and carry out education, enlightenment activity for employee and appoint head of personal information section each section and plan the organization system for personal information protection.
  7. When we entrust with the handling of personal information of customer, we do necessary and appropriate supervision of trust so that safety management of personal information is planned.
  8. When customer gives agreement in particular to about personal information of customer, except case necessary to protect serious profit such as rule of laws and ordinances or public life, property again, we do not provide to third party.
  9. We establish "customer service" to cope with inquiry, consultation to cope immediately in the range rational and necessary for disclosure, correction, suspension of your personal information.
  10. We review content of our policy continuously and serve for the improvement.