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News of delivery charges revision

Always thank you very much for your loyal patronage.
As you know, we revise delivery charges by circumstances of diversity by the news, too.
We hope that we have understanding.
■The date of revision: April 1, 2018
※Ask person in charge of neighborhood about new delivery charges.

Apology about Fukuya online store system failure

Thank you for always using Fukuya online store.
It was in a situation that some customers could not purchase "carp collaboration gull - ru" by system trouble in our online store until about 11:00 on June 15 from about 10:00 on June 15.
We sincerely apologize for having caused all of you great nuisance, worry.

After investigating cause, it was revealed that there were defects in our data making.

You restore and can do shopping as usual now.

Cause customer great nuisance, inconvenience; and really…

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News of the system maintenance end

All the customers

Thank you for usually using Fukuya homepage more.
During the following period, we carried out system maintenance.
As you restarted service of Fukuya homepage, please use.

We hope that we have patronage not to change sequentially.

[maintenance period]
February 6, 2017 from 14:00 to 17:20

To customer having Fukuya card

As for the point that we saved by the end of December, 2015, the end of December, 2016 is expiration date last year in this year.
You can confirm point saving on shopping receipt, visit point machine, sales floor cash register, Fukuya homepage.

>>On Fukuya homepage confirmation from this

Please be careful about suspicious calls to give their employee of Fukuya.

We give employee of Fukuya, and "please call Japanese Bankers Association, and "we want the date of birth to tell to confirm the use situation of credit card" says to customer with" (phone number to begin with 03) on the telephone, and case that is going to acquire personal information of customer illegally occurs recently.
We would appreciate your being careful that personal information of customer is not offered as we may not do call of notification such as the above and question enough.

Hiroshima-shi and Fukuya conclude inclusion cooperation agreement

On September 3, 2015, Hiroshima-shi and Fukuya concluded inclusion cooperation agreement. We cope with local various problems quickly and appropriately by promoting mutual cooperation that Hiroshima-shi and Fukuya are close and activity by collaboration, and this agreement is intended that we plan improvement of citizen service and local activation. As one of the concrete cooperation matters, we prepared op-ed page of "the Hiroshima brand gift" into the gift catalogue first page for sales promotion of special product of city newly in Fukuya.

You can purchase "the Hiroshima brand gift" in online shop.

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About "Volvo Cars Hiroshima west" Fukuya proprietary rights cancellation request

We explain application method of documents which we which are necessary for change and transfer in the name of owner by credit full payment of car that owner column of the registration document becomes "Fukuya" issue.
※With the Personal Information Protection Law enforced on April 1, 2005, agreement of use holder of a title deed on the registration document is necessary about zansaichosa, inquiry accompanied with proprietary rights cancellation. (Personal Information Protection Law Article 23 conformity)

Request method of proprietary rights cancellation
1. You send the following documents by FAX, and please do inquiry of zansai and proprietary rights cancellation request.
Required document
(1) Proprietary rights cancellation request book
※I would like signature of user and sealing. <…

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