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Summer jumbo lottery

A lot of the first class 100,000 points others election! Announcement is Wednesday, August 15

More than 5,000 yen including 1 account tax by the use by Fukuya card toward the purchase
We give Fukuya jumbo lottery ticket which the first prize such as 100,000 points is.
In addition, is the credit use of LARA Fukuya card, more +1 piece,
We give +3 pieces of lottery tickets by the new enrollment of LARA Fukuya card.

<successful announcement>

We announce on Chugoku Shimbun-sha morning edition TV column bottom and Fukuya homepage on Wednesday, August 15.

<election point exchange period>

In each from Wednesday, August 15, 2018 to Sunday, September 30 Fukuya shop

The first prize 100,000 points Two
The first class mismatch prize 20,000 points 28
The second prize 50,000 points Five
The third prize 3,000 points 270
The fourth prize 1,000 points 2,700
The fifth prize 300 points 13,500

(1)We cannot reissue lottery ticket.
(2)Exchange of successful point, please come to each Fukuya shop within the exchange period mentioned above. Since then it becomes invalid.
(3)In the case of exchange of election, take winning ticket and Fukuya card in the name of person.

※The election number assumes 9,000 pieces from the lottery ticket 1000th to the 9999th one set, and it is conversion in 135,000 pieces of issuance plans from one set to 15 sets.