Company Overview

Company name Fukuya
Establishment August, 1929 (Showa 4)
Capital 460 million yen
Sales amount 51,500 million (February, 2016 period)
The number of employees 890 [220/girl of men 670] (as of April, 2017)
Representative name President Hiroshi Oshita
Business outline Department store
Office Hatchobori Main Store / Hiroshima station square store / Itsukaichi Fukuya / Onomichi Fukuya / Kure store / Iwakuni store / third shop / Saijo shop / Miyauchi shop / Otake shop / Hamada shop / Yakiyama shop / Fukuya food building FRED/ Fukuya Hiroshima Airport shop

> Fukuya next-generation upbringing public business owner action plan (from April, 2017 to March, 2019)
> Fukuya woman achievement promotion law public business owner action plan (from April, 2016 to March, 2019)

> Operation environment consideration system 2010 operation environment plan (PDF 106KB)
> For operation environment consideration system 2010 plan operation environmental report (PDF 94KB)

Corporate philosophy

It continues being department store which can contribute to happiness of customer to motto in "your Fukuya" in what time of times.

  1. One. We aim at department store which it is got close to customer, and is loved
  2. One. We aim at department store trusted by customer
  3. One. We aim at department store which can share dream and impression with customer


1929 (4, Showa) August Fukuya establishment
October 1 It opens in Hiroshima as the first department store.
(opposite side across Aioi Street of current Hatchobori Main Store)
1938 (13, Showa) April New store is completed on the current main store location.
Dignified dignified appearance that punished the best of modern architecture 8 stories above the ground and 2 stories underground is named "the palace of white wall".
1945 (20, Showa) August Store becomes the ruins by atomic bombing.
1946 (21, Showa) February We do business in the first-floor part through war damage and reopen. We start restoration of basement and loft sequentially.
1953 (28, Showa) June We restore in all facilities and are completed
1956 (31, Showa) October First increase floor completion
1964 (39, Showa) October Second increase floor completion
1967 (42, Showa) May Shop flower is decided by Carnation Co.
1972 (47, Showa) September Third increase floor completion. Main building part becomes current form.
1975 (50, Showa) June Fourth increase floor completion. East hall is completed, and Hatchobori Main Store becomes current form.
1978 (53, Showa) July We open as Kure store Fukuya first branch store.
November Iwakuni store opening
1979 (54, Showa) October The 50th anniversary of the foundation
1982 (57, Showa) December The third shop opening
1985 (60, Showa) April Takehara shop opening (2012 closure)
1986 (61, Showa) June Saijo shop opening
1989 (origin of Heisei) October Emblem, logotype are renovated by the 60th anniversary of the foundation in ki to current thing.
1991 (3, Heisei) June We establish Fukuya Volvo Division (the Volvo Cars Hiroshima west) (2013 business transfer)
June Miyauchi store opening
1992 (4, Heisei) June Otake shop opening
1993 (5, Heisei) November Hamada shop opening
1994 (6, Heisei) October Yakiyama shop opening
1995 (7, Heisei) March Itsukaichi Fukuya opening
1998 (10, Heisei) November Fukuya food building FRED opening
1999 (11, Heisei) April Onomichi Fukuya opening
April 20 Fukuya Hiroshima Station Square opening.
As nuclear tenant of JR Hiroshima Station south exit A block redevelopment business building, we raise "department store at the 21st century when Hiroshima changes" and open a store. Overwhelming scale 11 stories above the ground and 1 story underground creates doorway of Hiroshima gorgeously.
2001 (13, Heisei) March Fukuya reward card system introduction
2005 (17, Heisei) September Hatchobori Main Store food section "LARA kitchen" reopening
2006 (18, Heisei) September Hatchobori Main Store size scale reopening
2008 (20, Heisei) October Fukuya south hall is open in the Hatchobori Main Store south east side
2009 (21, Heisei) March Hiroshima station square store food section "LARA kitchen" reopening
Restaurant floor entire surface renewal
Roof sky oasis entire surface renewal
October 1 The 80th anniversary of the foundation op-ed page reaching the 80th anniversary of the foundation is this place
2010 (22, Heisei) November Movie theater "eight orders seat" opening
2012 (24, Heisei) April LOUIS VUITTON reopening
October We conclude comprehensive cooperation agreement with Hiroshima
> Approach situation 2013.05 (PDF 1.3MB) based on agreement about comprehensive cooperation of Hiroshima and Fukuya
2013 (25, Heisei) March New credit card "LARA Fukuya card" introduction
It is card of charm full loading that special treatment rate of the next year goes up to up to 8% so as to use if we use.
Kure store entire surface remodeling reopening
April GUCCI reopening
We run Hiroshima cake Expo 2013 "whole country cake bazaar" venue
September Hatchobori Main Store cosmetics section entire surface renewal
November TIFFANY boutique renewal
2014 (26, Heisei) February Onomichi Fukuya renewal
September Held the third game carp official game, Fukuya's pop (Mazda Stadium)
October We reach the 85th anniversary of the foundation
November Hatchobori Main Store clock salon is renewed
2015 (27, Heisei) September The "comprehensive partnership agreement with Hiroshima-shi and Fukuya" conclusion
October Itsukaichi Fukuya food section renewal

Origin of shop flower "crimson kaneshon"

Taking the opportunity of completion of first increase floor of 1956, carnation was taken in as design of wrapping paper.
Thereafter we were used for various advertising, decoration, but were established as shop flower formally in May, 1967. Carnation is considered to be flower of motherly love and shows will of thanks to mother.
Crimson carnation of shop flower symbolizes "the truth of service to give to customer".